Communications for everyone.

Providing a chat platform with a early 2000's look and feel but made with the latest technology. Building a network of free online chat rooms that connect multiple niches into one network. Free, feature rich, and moderated online chat rooms. IRC is welcome, developers are welcome, and regular lifestyle chatters are welcome.

Chat on Webboard

Search Engine Optimization

Let us help you optimize your business with our SEO methods. We use different tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, and Google search console to get you the best results.

Web Hosting

Looking to move to an affordable web host? Don't need all the fancy designs but just want to have a clean and stable workspace? This is the place for you. We're selective of our clients because we support them 100%.

Chat Hosting

Got a group of friends and want your own personal space where your messages are encrypted, your traffic always secure, and of course, DDOS protection? Look no further. We're your #1 InspIRCD host.

10+ Niche Based Domains.

We own a network with over 10 domains based on niches. Whether you're looking for a regional or age based chat rooms, we have the right taste for everyone.

Modern Clients.

You can connect to our chat network using modern IRC clients like KiwiIRC, Mibbit, The Lounge, and our in-house Webboard client.

mIRC, xChat and others are also welcome.

Free Online Radio.

Listen to ad-free radio while chatting in any of our chat rooms. The radio comes standard next to every chat client and it's powered by If you're looking to DJ, please contact us.

Strong Backlinks.

Looking to create strong backlinks? We are too. Check out our backlinks section for more info.

Clean code, always.

Our websites are made with speed in mind. We don't bog down any of our websites with heavy javascript or blackhat techniques.

Trust = Foundation.

When you connect on any site in our network, your connection will always be encrypted because all of our sites use SSL encryption.

Update: 1/5/24

c3MediaMarketing rolls out new designs across the board. These new designs have been optimized for SEO and are all made in house. Great things are coming!

Update: 11/30/23

c3MediaMarketing buys - After doing extensive research in keyword analysis we've decided to add keyword based domains to our portfolio. While the names of these domains may seem similar to other domains, mind you we are not affiliated in any way shape or form. We take pride in our own signature and structure. You'll be able to notice which chat rooms on Gosogle are part of our umbrella when you see the same chat software across each of these sites.

Update: 05/01/23

c3MediaMarketing buys - Free chat rooms for adults and teens. ABigChat was once part of a network called Justachat. Justachat was once one of the most popular teen chat sites around. ABigChat accounted for 30% of their traffic back in 2005. With our marketing techniques and unique chat room software, we should be able to bring this chat site to its former glory!

Update: 04/20/23

c3MediaMarketing buys - The free teen chat network. JungleSpot is a teen chat network that allows users from all over the world to connect into a chat server for free. No registration is required, and you can choose your own nickname, chat room of your preferance, and you can also engage in public or private chat rooms. Great network for teens looking for an audio and video chat experience.

Update: 03/20/23

c3MediaMarketing purchases a PHP based social networking script. Ultimately planning to create a members section on our main website in relation to chat rooms. We are hoping to create a social chat web that way we can connect all of the chatters across our network into one sphere where they're able to intereact in real time.

Update: 03/09/24

c3MediaMarketing invests in several domains. We've been looking for more domains/websites that would be interested in building backlinks with our network. We will be posting our portfolio along with the traffic rankings for each of our chat sites.

Update: 02/15/23

Our Chatspace 4.0 server is officially discontinued. After multiple IRC style clone floods, and multiple instances of our SQL server being corrupted due to the old software, we have decided to temporarily pause any Chatspace related services. Our staff is currently in the planning phase of developing a new type of IRC server which will bring together the best features and tools that have proven to make the chat experience unique and one of a kind. We have begun research on IRC protocol and will update this message when we are closer to a beta phase.

Update: 01/05/23

c3MediaMarketing begins work on a custom chat client. After testing out clients such as Kiwi IRC and Mibbit, we have decided to put in work with a development company to create our own chat client. Taking inspiration from the most popular chatrooms in the last two decades, we've come to our most recent iteration.